Employee Owned Property

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship personal items in the same box as official agency assets?
No, they must be shipped separately.

Can I send the toner tubes from a fax machine?
No, toner tanks and tubes are not recyclable.

What is the USPS Federal Recycling Program web site address?

Does my agency need to sign up to participate?
Yes, your agency needs to join the Federal Recycling Program before you can participate.

How do I know if my agency is participating?
If your agency is participating they will be listed in the US Government Agency dropdown section of the web site FedRecycling.com.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost to participate. Shipping is FREE.

What recyclable items qualify?
A list of qualifying items can be found here: Qualified Items

If my item is not listed can I send it anyway?
No, please do not send items that do not qualify.

How do I obtain the agency activity and disposition reports?
Authorized personnel from each agency who have been assigned a user name and password by their administrator can access these reports.

What information is available in the disposition reports?
The disposition report is an accounting of all the assets processed at the recycling centers. Instructions on how to read the disposition report are provided here: How to Read the Disposition Report

Can commercial companies participate in the USPS Federal Recycling Program?
No, this program is limited to U.S. federal agencies with a signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Can I send personal items along with my official agency assets?
No, please send your personal items from your home. It is important that agency assets are not mixed with employee owned items in any way.

Do you supply shipping materials and boxes?
No, we encourage re-use of existing boxes.

Are there any size and weight restrictions?
Yes, packages must not weigh more than 70 lbs. and may not be more than 108 inches in total length and girth. For information on how to ship a package, see: Packing and Shipping Instructions Rev 12-14-23